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That's Hoss Tabrizi."

Derrick Pearson 

2x TedX Speaker, Best-selling Author, Owner 93.7 The Ticket


When my 8-year-old daughter started playing basketball this past season, she was tentative, lacking confidence in her skills, and wasn’t sure she even liked the sport. However, under the leadership of Coach Hoss Tabrizi, she started to see her own potential and it completely changed her. Coach Hoss leads with heart, inspiring everyone on his team to focus on their strengths and believe in their own abilities. He has this incredible talent for bringing out the best in everyone around him, motivating his players not only with kind words of encouragement but also with a passionate mantra that a team’s success starts with the individual. 

Coach Hoss inspired my daughter to have confidence in herself when playing basketball, but

his words have lifted her far beyond the court.

Kris Hughes
Children's TV Writer


Jeff O'Bier

Director, Broadcast & Video Production 

George Mason University

"You’ll never meet anyone with more enthusiasm than Hoss. Whatever the task, Hoss always devotes maximum effort.
I met Hoss while he was a student at George Mason University, and I can honestly say he was one of the most dedicated individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He had so many great ideas – but not only did he have ideas, he had the ability to act on them and make them a reality.
After graduation Hoss served as the “voice” of many George Mason athletic teams as a public address announcer. His unique delivery and style kept our fans engaged in every game that he was behind the mic.
Always prepared, always a positive attitude, Hoss is an asset to anyone that he works with."

Danny Lee 

Partner at Blueprint Financial Group

"I have professionally worked with Hoss Tabrizi for the better part of a decade. We work together with clients in an effort to secure their financial futures. Hoss has always played the role of coach and has always been able to motivate and inspire folks to achieve their financial hopes and dreams even if it seemed impossible at first. You could say that he serves in the capacity of a financial coach regardless if someone had an eight-figure net worth or those of more modest means. This also speaks to his integrity in doing the right thing in an industry that frankly doesn’t always have the most sterling reputation. It is the quality that I most admire in him."

Colin and Britt 

Executive Director & Senior Manager

"Our daughter, Nora, is very self-conscious by nature. Prior to playing with Coach Hoss, she wasn’t able to make it through an entire season of a sport because she would get overcome with anxiety during practices and games. This was very hard for us because Nora is also very athletic and enjoys sports, but the stage fright was just too much for her to handle, and it was causing her to miss out on important childhood experiences. 
From our first practice with Coach Hoss, we knew we were dealing with a different kind of coach, and when he said he was going to make it his mission to bring Nora out of her shell, we knew he meant it.
Hoss has since delivered on that promise. He went out of his way and devoted time and energy to get through to Nora and instilled self-belief into a little girl who was painfully shy just over a year ago. Stage fright still rears its head at times, but now Nora has the ability to work through it, shake it off, and get herself back in the game.
People often say to us, “she’s like a different person!” or “it’s like night and day compared to last season!”, and they’re absolutely right. The confidence she has gained is now visible in all aspects of her life, and it’s so heartwarming for us to see our girl turn the corner and begin thriving. But Nora wouldn’t be this far down the path if it weren’t for Hoss - he has truly been a catalyst for her transformation and has been able to bring out the best in her."

Bobbak Safaipour 
Patent Examiner

"Hoss has been my kids (ages 8 and 5) head coach for basketball and soccer for several years. With his dedication and commitment to his players, he has a gift to motivate each child to be the best they can be. He leads by example by teaching and demonstrating great sportsmanship to each and every opponent. Not only does he thrive on team accomplishments, but he also has the ability to instill self-confidence in each player. At the beginning of the basketball season for 2nd-grade girls, a few girls had no interest in practicing or playing. Towards the end of the season, with his encouragement, those same girls never wanted to leave the court! Coaching young children is a tall task but Hoss has continually demonstrated that he has the patience and work ethic to get the best out of everyone." 
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